Franchisee Eligibility Criteria

We take into consideration the following eligibility criteria before selecting the franchisee. Kindly note that they are suggestive only, and not mandatory.

  1. Can be an Individual or Partnership, or a Registered company.

  2. Should be a local resident with wide business contacts.

  3. Should be financially sound and willing to invest in business.

    • For Cylinders: Rs. 20-25* Lakhs (excluding land)

    • For Sub Franchisee and Retails Outlets investments: Rs 3 Lakhs and Rs 1 Lakh respectively

    • For Auto LPG: Rs. 1 Crore for equipment and civil and electrical works (excluding land)

  4. Should be able to devote full time and energy to this business

  5. Preferably a graduate from a reputed university

  6. Prior business experience is preferable

  7. Existing business interests as below are an added advantage:

    For Cylinder Franchisee

    • Association with Hotels-Restaurants-Caterers

    • Presence in retailing, FMCG, industrial gases, mineral water, soft beverages etc.

    For Auto LPG Franchisee

    • Experience in managing petrol pumps, super markets, automobile dealership centres etc.

Land Requirement:

For Cylinder Franchisee 

As per statute, LPG Storage Godown licensed by Petroleum & Explosives Safety Organization is a pre-requisite for this business. Hence, you need to have the following configuration of land (either owned or leased; owned land being preferred) for various storage capacities .

For Auto LPG Franchisee

The land requirement for the HiDrive Auto LPG station is 30 mts. x 28 mts. or 26 mts. x 36 mts. Some of the key requisites are:

  • High traffic density

  • Prominently located on the main road

  • Free access to the station for vehicles

  • Must be a freehold land owned by the Franchisee or a registered lease hold land in the name of the Franchisee


  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
  • GST (if available)
  • Godown Image 
  • Passport size photo
  • Highest Qualification

Urban Vitrak Pricing

Open Rs. 22,000 (Rupees Twenty Two thousand only)**

OBC Rs. 19,500 (Rupees Nineteen thousand Five Hundred only) SC/ST Rs. 17,500 (Rupees Seventeen thousand Five Hundred only)
** SC/ST candidates applying for Open category under Sheheri Vitrak & Urban Vitrak locations
mentioned in the advertisement / notification can submit refundable application fee of Rs. 3,000
(Rupees three thousand only). However, candidates belonging to OBC category but applying for
“Open” category locations shall submit Application fee applicable to “Open” candidates.

Gramin Vitrak Pricing

Application Fee for Gramin Vitrak locations & Durgam Kshetriya Vitrak locations
Category Refundable Application Fee Open Rs. 3,000 OBC Rs. 2,000 SC/ST Rs. 1,00 
**SC/ST candidates applying for Open category Gramin Vitrak & Durgam Kshetriya Vitrak locations
can submit refundable application fee of Rs. 1,500 (Rupees two thousand five hundred only).
However, candidates belonging to OBC category but applying for “Open” category locations shall
submit Application fee applicable to “Open” candidates.


The commission offered by Oil companies to gas agencies is as below
For selling a domestic cylinder RS 48 -60
For selling a commercial cylinder RS 120 (Depends on your actual sales and incentives)
At the time of issuing a new connection you may sell the Stoves at MRP, however you get the stoves from authorized manufacturers at 30% discount on the MRP.
Margin on sale of lighters, Hose, other misc items range from 20-40%. (Source Of Quora, Please Verify By Official Contacting Them)
Indane Gas has asked appropriate candidates for distributor for LPG under Rajiv Gandhi Gramin LPG Vitrak Yojna (RGGLV) (Rajiv Gandhi LPG Distributorship Arrange for Rural Areas) plan. You will get 20% benefit on each 14.2 gasinder.
Hire Good People & Train (By Telling Then Showing Then Give Incentive) Them To Make Good Relationship With Your Customers, If You Take Care Of Your Employees They Will Take Care Of Your Customer Plus Make Sure You Prevent Unauthorised Sale Of Ga Black


Focus On Starting Up At Developing Sites & Areas, Where New Connections Are Required
Your Main Challenge In This “Commodity Business” Is To Sign New Customer (Which Can Only Happens In Developing Areas) Or Make People Switch To Your Connection (Which Is Hard & Can Only Happen With People Who Already Have Has Connections) 
You Can’t Offer Better Gas Or High Tech Gas, More People You Have The More Money You Make & Once You Get A Customer He/She Will Buy From You For 
Decades (& nobody is going to change his or her connection out of the blue or overnight, it’s hassle and people don’t want to change especially when things are going good)
Tip : You Have Some Extra Technology Used In Gas To Prevent Leakage (I Use One, Safety Is Important, It Impresses People) At Little Profit & A Good Pipe For Free,
Yes, With A Catch If Person Switches Into Your Connection Along With That You Can Offer Something Cheap Gift Like Lighter Plus Free Checkup Every Time 
They Refill, Why? If You Get A Connection, & You Will Benefit From It Forever, People Will Love It & So Your Business Will Prosper